Hi, Hey, Hello and Bon Appétit!

My dream was to create a place where I colud post proven recipes that are tasty and healthy.

That’s why I created the FOOOD section with recipies, where you can choose from among the suggestions.

BUT I know that good eating decisions are not just about following a diet.

So I have also created a BLOG where I will share my thoughts, tips, and insights on various topics.

Let’s embark on this delicious and nourishing journey together!


FOOOD ⬄ Did you know that Foood affect on your Moood?

Delicious Food Recipies including Desserts & Videos on YouTube!

Nutrition Values – Calories & Macros

Different Categories like Preparation Time, Portions & Meal Types

Colorfull Illustrations of Meals & Ingredients

BLOG ⬄ Something about Foood and Many More!

Scientific Gibberish

My Tips for Healthy Life

Something about General Physical Activity

A little about How Difficult it is to make Good Decisions in Every Day Life